MFN is dedicated to being one of the best solutions in the financial technology industry. Each service we offer is tailored for credit unions ensuring that we are highly trained on what really matters. Every solution we develop for your credit union will be custom designed solving your exact needs. This process always begins with our Security First approach which allows us to create systems that has a solid foundation that can scale. These thought processes have been developed from years of experience that are rooted in being the IT department for multiple credit unions for over 15 years. MFN is not just another managed service company chasing after another sales vertical; we are credit unions. 

Managed Services

Managed services are more than just maintaining your IT systems. It's about providing a peace of mind knowing your members are taken care of. We understand that even if one computer goes down it can cause a ripple effect throughout the credit union. Technology has become the backbone of how successful credit unions function and it is not to be taken lightly. Our approach to manage service starts with prevention to stop downtime in the first place; if that fails, then it becomes about quicker responses. This is combined with a Security First strategy that is stacked on top of decades of experience. We also focus on ensuing that your system is compliant with every regulation. We become your IT department and it is our responsibility to give you the confidence that everything is going to work.


Security in the technology industry has become a very large concern and an expensive undertaking, especially in the financial atmosphere. This is why MFN has really focused on placing Security First in every aspect of our services. When utilizing the thought process in the beginning instead of afterthought, it has proven to save money in the long run. These savings do not solely come from stopping costly breaches, but also from stopping repurchasing of equipment or software because it did meet the standards. Security is our priority at MFN for one very large reason, each account in your system represent a member's life that can be greatly impacted.

Core Hosting

As a credit union you are responsible for managing some of the most important data in your members' lives. This is why any interaction with the core you have chosen to store that information has to be handled properly. MFN has an authority in working the Symitar® Episys® core which accounts for 40% of what credit unions use as their core. We focus on every part of core management from hosting to maintenance. Managing your core is no small task and takes a lot of experience to understand the intricacy of the Power On Language.  It is our first priority to ensure that every part of your members' data is kept secure and accessible to the best customer service. 

Data Center

In the financial environment it is becoming more impractical to host your own data. From the compliance, the regulator issues, and to the security implication, plus the weight of what a data breach could mean. It has come to place that hosting your servers in a data center is the only option. Hosting for credit unions is a service that we have specialized in because of the complexity involved. There are many variables to consider when choosing to host in a data center and each situation is different. When we host for your credit union it is a custom solution to ensure that your data is not only secure but compliant. 


There's an old adage about the idea that three brains are better than one. This is where our approach to consulting begins; our goal is to become part of your team and offer our years of experience as a resource. We understand you know your industry and the reason for getting consulting is just the need for outside specialized experience. So when it comes to the technology in the credit union there are not many areas we don't have experience in. Another aspect of our consulting is us fulfilling the role of trusted advisor. Many Executives rely on us to be another view point when making important decisions. It is a very important part of our mission to be the exact resource your credit union needs us to be. 


Time is one of the most valuable resources a credit union has. Your team member becoming more efficient is something that only allows them to better serve your members. Our approach to training is focused on the areas that provide the most benefit for helping your credit unions accomplish your goals. The strategic areas we train range from Security to disaster training, all of which are specialized to the credit union industry. Our training style is also something we worked to cultivate and to provide more of a hands-on and even a one-on-one feel in a group setting. We are here to be a resources and a member of your team to help you reach your goals.