Technology is something that is becoming more than just a tool we use, but a way of life. This is no different for each credit union we serve, however, there is a great deal at risk in this new technology lifestyle for financial institutions. Security, compliance, and regulation add to the complexity and can have huge implications if not addressed properly.  Buying solutions or building teams to address this complex tech world typically come with a high price tag. Managed Financial Networks (MFN) is a technology CUSO that was created by Credit Unions for the express purpose of addressing the credit union's technology security and infrastructure needs and being able to provide those teams and solutions at affordable prices. We provide a seamless and individualized experience for each credit union that would be expected from an internal IT solution. 

We are in a unique position to serve Credit Unions with an understanding that could only be gained by practical experience in the industry. MFN was created as a cost sharing company to displace the high cost of crucial purchases and maintenance of technology infrastructure. Every service that MFN offers is centered around finding or building the best solution possible and sharing the costs with every participating credit union to provide a premium service at a lower price. 

Security First - In our digital society the security threats for a financial institution continues to rise and change on a daily basis. Placing security first is about thinking offensively, defensively, and also understanding the implication of what a breech could mean all at the same time.

Strategic Collaboration - The cost of security for a credit union to stay compliant within regulation is becoming increasingly high. By leveraging with our network of credit unions, MFN is able to spread the cost and all utilize the shared experiences to better serve the needs of the credit union

Technologically Grounded - The pace at which technology is changing and growing is increasing at a faster rate each year. However, MFN is diligent about staying up-to-date with new technology while at the same time being well-balanced on the technology that is currently being used. It is crucial that technology is proven before it is implemented in a credit union.