The value of experience in the financial IT space is becoming priceless with the current trends. Between the security threats changing on a daily basis to the regulation and compliance issue becoming more complex to navigate. Understanding the landscape and saving credit unions from costly mistakes are large aspects of why MFN should be considered. The amount of experience that we have stems directly from the fact that we are a CUSO at our core. Which means we started from credit unions to serve them in solving their biggest problem of rising costs in technology to stay compliant within regulatory issues. Creating a very successful solution by sharing the cost for resources and leveraging the experiences that all the credit unions face. These factors have led to a path of working with even more credit unions leveraging the experiences we have gained. The pace of how technology is changing and its effect on what our members expect versus the security implication of it will only increase. Our team is comprised of professionals that love tech, who keep one eye on the current state of tech and the other on the future.


We are positioned uniquely to serve your Credit Union with an understanding that could only be gained by practical experience in the industry. From having a Security First mentality, compliance has been focus and how it impacts the bottom line of a budget. MFN was created as a profit sharing partnership to displace the high cost of crucial maintenance for the Technology infrastructure. Every service that MFN offers is centered around the idea of sharing the cost with every credit union to provide a premium service at a lower price.