Putting members first is a core part of every great organization's philosophy and a thought that MFN has allowed to affect ours as well. What better way to serve our customers than focus and understand a key principal that drives their growth. This has directly shaped our philosophy because we are not your ordinary financial tech or managed service company. Our story begins with credit unions creating MFN, which made a credit union IT department. This lead us to a greater understanding of the credit union and helped create the core parts of our philosophy: Security First, Strategic Collaboration, Technologically Grounded.


Security First - The security concerns when it comes to technology are continually growing, not just for the credit union but for their members. This led us to create a Security First Process to ensure that everything we do begins with the security implications. There is no small detail that is overlooked when it comes to how we approach working with any technology system. The managed service solutions we offer to any of the technology infrastructure that we put in place is to be grounded with a Security First process.

Strategic Collaboration - The MFN CUSO was created around collaboration and the idea of sharing cost, experience, and resources. This was a direct response to the growing cost while being compliant with regulations. We have taken this same concept and applied it to our service offering to our customer with the goals of passing on the same benefits. In essence we are creating a community of credit unions that collaboration exponential value is created where no other business in the space can compete. Taking the goals even further as we cut our costs through more power we will work to pass that saving on to you, possibly lowering your cost year after year. 

Technologically Grounded - Technology is ever changing, especially in the IT atmosphere and this can cause a vast chasm in the adoption of new technology. How new is too new when the technology is stable in a very sensitive environment? This is why MFN focuses on being technologically grounded, which is about managing the balance of having relevant technology while being stable. We always are focused on where technology is going and how it affects our industry.  While at the same time utilizing the standards and recently proven technology. A large part of this process is tied to studying the different types of technology as well as testing what passes through research. This allows us to consult and give the proper feedback you need to make an informed decision as we keep your technology secure.